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Where can i get generic cymbalta as a pill? a friend of mine has some and I can't really get it. how much do i owe for the pill that i where to buy cymbalta online can't get i need generic cymbalta help please I have been in a really bad cycle and i thought that it would be best to take cymbalta but now I can't take it. need a generic. Do people take Cymbalta and see the side effects? I heard on one of the cymbalta commercials on internet that if you take cymbalta your liver will go bad, are there any truths to this? I've taken Cymbalta 5 times and it's causing me severe heart palpitations and anxiety! I started taking it today and I feel completely bad now. Is this natural? A lot of the time you get side effects, but I wanted to ask because it sounds like you may be at a greater risk of getting certain kinds side effects. Can cymbalta be used in the treatment of anxiety where can i buy generic cymbalta and insomnia? Is it safe to take Cymbalta at night? Hello, I'm an individual that has not been able to quit nicotine. I started smoking 6 years ago. Currently I am in treatment for my anxiety. I read on the internet that Cymbalta is safe to have around the period of day while quitting. I have now tried it 3 times and I've noticed it seems to help in the beginning. canada drug store pharmacy At first I was taking it every day, but now I am taking 30 min before bed. I'm not sure how safe it is. Anyone want to talk about this and make my decision? Hi there, My girlfriend took cymbalta 2 months ago. She said it made her body feel 'different' and that she felt like couldn't control her body as well. Is this a side effect? I am starting Cymbalta. What can i expect to see in the following three months? What kind of side effects and long term will cymbalta cause? What are the alternatives? I stopped taking the cymbalta after two months and am now using it again but I have a strange side effect. I feel dizzy. Also there is a rash all over my arms. Is there anything I can do about my rash? Has anyone had this rash ever? I don't want to go all skin deep Thank you for your time! I am trying to quit for 2 weeks. I just tried taking 1 patch and within 8-10min I had trouble with the patches falling off and at times they wouldn't stick. I then took 2 more patches and they were not sticking either. I took more 1g per day, but they still did not stick. I guess at the end of three days, and all these patches had fallen off, I took a blood test. My liver function test says normal. However, blood is coming out of both my arms. Is it possible for them to come out of my arms? I'm worried, what should I do? Thank you so much for your interest in Cymbalta! I just recently heard on the internet that Cymbalta helped with depression. I'm depressed, very bad anxiety. I am also trying to quit using every form of cigarette that I where is the cheapest place to buy cymbalta can. have used cymbaltath before and the patch. Has anyone had success with Cymbalta 120 Pills 30mg $329 - $2.74 Per pill Cymbalta? It sounds very exciting! Please stop telling me that cymsalta is 'a medicine to keep your stomach feeling full at the end of day.. it's only used for depression & not anything else!!! Hello! I love trying different pills and to find what I'm gonna take. It seems to be the only way do this! I really have been trying for 7 months. And me, not a good way to live.. my skin is starting to really show and it's painful itchy. The only thing that I do try to is eating! I have tried so many things!! I'm wondering. What is the medication that you guys recommend for me??? Please just share an answer!! Will someone please explain to me how take this? Can I it orally with food like I have heard or what if any medications can I use? Any information on how to take an oral pill? My brother-in-law was diagnosed with an IPD as a 13 year old boy. His treatment included a combination of Cymbalta 1 mg (which caused his IPD to go away completely) and Prozac (which caused him to begin taking Cymbalta again 4 years